Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Green Cricut Imagine?

After watching a recent video of Sara (mypinkcricut) husband spray painting her Imagine, I decided that I can do that and so I did. It was very easy to take a part and put back together. Remember, Provo Craft said that the with the Imagine we were able to purchase colored pieces for the gray, but they have lacked to release any yet. Also, spray painting your own is going to be cheaper than buying a colored replacement. The spray paint was under $5 at Home Depot.

I chose the flourescent green to go with the Cricut logo color and since I'm sure most will choose pink or purple, I wanted mine to be different. The only minor issue that I came across is that they do not make a plastic paint in this color, so as you can see it isn't very shiny, but anything is better than gray :~)

I am still going to be "decorating" my imagine with some bling and wording, but haven't made any commitments to what exactly I want, so until then I will leave as is!


  1. Hi Jennifer

    It came out so beautiful, what paint did you use? I of course want to do it in pink (heehee) It really came out really nice. smooches Marjorie

  2. Hi Miss Marjorie,

    I used a flourescent paint that I picked up at Home Depot, I'm not sure what the brand of it is and I threw it out at my husbands shop. It had a picture of a fence and a skateboard on the front of it.

    There are some spots that turned out darker than others, but I still like it better than the gray. I think that there might be some sort of gloss that I can spray on it to make it shiny again. I have to ask my husband's friend about it.

    I'm glad you like it and good luck on yours :~)

  3. Do you prefer your Expression or your Imagine over the other? Just wondering. :) Thanks, love your videos!