Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Imagine Patterned Cardstock Swatches

I chose to make these color swatches of all the patterned paper that I have on my Cricut Imagine cartridges. I did this for all of the cartridges that I have whether they are art or pattern cartridges I can have a visual at my fingertips! This will allow me to use my Imagine more because I have the different pattern papers to choose from right in front of me!

Imagine Cartridges:
All Wrapped Up
Best Friends
Enjoy the Seasons
Imagine More
Lori's Garden
Mr Frosty
Nursery Tails
Snow Angel


  1. What an awesome idea! One of the reasons I have held off on getting an Imagine is that I love thumbing through my paper stash and didn't think I would be as inspired if I had to print my paper first. The other reason why I haven't gotten one yet is that the thing is so honking huge, so if you come up with a solution for that, please let me know ;)

  2. Hi Jen , I have an imagine also my husband got it for me the first day the machine was aired on HSN and I think that is just the neatest Ideal but how did you go about making the swatches .

  3. I have the Imagine and would also love to know how you did this? Did you print out a whole page of each paper and then cut out the swatches?

    When I purchased the Imagine last year I bought about 8 cartridges. Last month I bought all the rest since they were marked down to $12 and $16 for a week at the CricutMachine.Com. No more will I buy cartridges when they first come out, instead I will patiently (while saying 'hurry up') for the sales to come. I find that usually happens during CHA.

    I just signed up to receive your updates via email.
    Marjorie from TX

  4. Hi Marjorie

    I used a rounded square image that is pre-programmed in the Imagine, sized it to 3" and then filled it with all the patterns. There are a few videos on YT that explain how to do it as well. I thought I did a video of it, but I can't seem to find it. You can search "Cricut Imagine Color Swatches" and find a few different ways to do it.

  5. I have yet to start using my Imagine, and yes it is very large and super heavy. I really do nothave a great place to use it. What are the pros and cons of it.

    1. I actually sold mine a few months ago. Yes it is great to have to print out your pattern paper, but I felt limited and could only use the images that they had or the patterns that they had. Also, the fact that it was so bulky was a turn off to. I have a cricut expression as well and a Cameo just not enough room for all my toys, LOL! I liked the idea of the machine but I don't think that they put enough thought into it.....